Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Make Better Energy Choices in Nanaimo


The B.C. government has created a new website and information campaign to help British Columbians make better energy choices and explain how the province of B.C. plans to handle climate change issues, Environment Minister Barry Penner announced today.

The new LiveSmartBC website provides up-to-date information to help British Columbians save on energy costs and explain the new revenue-neutral carbon tax that takes effect July 1. “Climate change is real and it’s threatening our forests, our watersheds and our way of life,” said Penner.

“People need to better understand what’s happening to our climate and know what government incentives are available to them to help them do their part. British Columbians need to realize that the time to act is now and that doing nothing is just not an option.”

The new LiveSmartBC website is a comprehensive source of information on the science of global warming, the actions government is taking to fight climate change and ways that individuals, companies and organizations can do their part in the battle against climate change.

“B.C.’s Climate Action Plan outlines strategies that will take our province approximately 73 per cent of the way to meeting our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 33 per cent by 2020,” said Penner. “It also sets out the process we will follow to identify strategies to get us the remaining 27 per cent of the way there.”

The government’s LiveSmart initiative is supported by an informational campaign. It began last weekend with newspaper ads, and starting today it will include advertising on radio and television.
The information campaign will highlight the challenge of global warming and the actions individual citizens can take to save on fuel, on energy, and on taxes in their daily activities. In particular, it will focus on transportation, fuel-efficient vehicles and home-energy savings, including the promotion of incentive programs available to consumers who want to make smart choices to save money.

The LiveSmartBC website can be found at


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