Monday, July 28, 2008


Site of New Millenium Hotel
Adjacent the New Convention Center on Jly 27

In spite of assurances from Nanaimo City Hall that the new hotel will be built and within the time frame originally called for, this picture does not look all that promising.

There is absolutely nothing going on at this construction site which was to have seen footings poured by May 31.

When the Convention Center opened I also took a picture of this site, and back then there was some equipment inside the fence, but now there is nothing except a few thousand dollars of materials.

If the building of this hotel is linked to the building and selling of the condo's on the old foundry and arena site, there is a real possibility the project will not fly as real estate is definitely slowing down everywhere.

Previous inquiries to councillor Jeet Manhas have gone unanswered as to the progress of this construction.

The Deputy Manager of the City, Al Kenning assured me the civic arena lands will not be transfered to Millenium unless the hotel proceeds.

The more time that goes by the less likely that appears to be.


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