Monday, August 25, 2008



On August 22, 2008 at approximately 4:00 p.m., Sidney North Saanich RCMP responded to a report of a man with a handgun in his vehicle at the Swartz Bay BC Ferry Terminal.

A call was received that a man was in his vehicle in the lineup for the ferry and was handling what appeared to be a handgun. Other ferry users saw the handgun, believed it to be a real gun and called police. Sidney North Saanich RCMP responded with multiple officers as this is public safety/officer safety issue. With help from BC Ferry users, the vehicle was identified, three men were questioned and a replica handgun/pellet gun was seized from the vehicle.

This pellet gun was not pointed at anyone but closely resembles a real semi automatic pistol. The three men were spoken to about the severity of their actions and the gun was taken in to police custody for destruction. No charges were laid.

Owners of replica firearms/pellet guns are reminded that these items pose a serious safety risk to themselves and others and to keep them put away in public places.

As can be seen from the picture at the top of this article, pellet guns are impossible to distinguish from the real thing just by looking.


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  1. My boyfriend shot a guy with a pellet gun on friday in the shoulder, because the guy was dissing me. Now hes in big shit and the cops are invlovled. Even know he was goofing around with his friends. Bad things, and mistakes can happen anyware at anytime. So beware. I dont feel very good when people ask ware is your boyfriend, and i have to answer Juvii.


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