Tuesday, September 23, 2008



While this blog is never going to provide the in depth understanding of the different parties and their platforms you will need to make an informed decision come election day; it is my intent to provide a snapshot of what the leaders are promising during this campaign.

Yesterday Stephan Harper said his government would get tougher on young offenders who commit violent crimes by increasing the minimum sentencing for violent crimes and publishing the names of young offenders once convicted. I doubt if many Canadians would be opposed to this change as it would seem the young offenders law as it stands is being used as a shield for many criminals. For example, it is reported that gang members will recruit young persons to commit various crimes such as holding and selling drugs, because in the event they are caught, the sentencing is presently quite liberal. An example was given of several young offenders involved in the beating death of a young man; the offenders were sentenced to three years for their involvement in his death.

It is reported that in Quebec his changes would not be popular as they feel rehabilitation is more important. The logic used is that increased jail time will result in a young person becoming a hardened criminal. I wonder how someone capable of killing someone else could become any 'harder'?

Stephane Dion was introducing his parities platform which promises a $40 billion carbon tax which he claims would result in reducing taxes to ordinary citizens. At least I think that is what he is saying, there were several reasons why the plan may not unfold exactly as they outline, for example should the economy slow down it would alter their forecasts completely. I am not certain how many people believe a government will actually increase taxes by $40 billion and give it all back to the public in the form of lower taxes in other areas.


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