Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Community leader and businessman, John Ruttan, has officially announced his intention to run for Mayor of Nanaimo in the November 15, 2008 municipal election.
"I am very keen to be the next Mayor of Nanaimo and I am asking for the support of Nanaimo citizens in my decision to run," said Ruttan.
"I have long felt that Nanaimo is in need of a fresh new approach to leadership on city council," he said. "A city with the complex issues and challenges that Nanaimo faces must have strong leadership from a Mayor and council that are decision oriented and community focused."
Ruttan has owned and managed several successful businesses in Nanaimo for more than 45 years and has met the challenge of effecting the necessary business changes required in difficult economic times.
"I believe taxpayers should be confident that their city will be managed in a way that respects the need to control spending in order to control taxation," Ruttan said. "Successful businesses are managed by leaders who are able to react quickly and appropriately to change. Successful cities are run the same way. Nanaimo deserves leaders who have the ability to react in ways that are fundamentally respectful of all citizens, all taxpayers."
Ruttan was recently named '2008 Citizen of the Year' at the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce Sterling Awards, for his dedication and life long commitment to our community. "I am deeply honoured by this prestigious award," he said.
Currently Vice President and Past President of Tourism Nanaimo, Ruttan is also a long serving member of the Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society, a Director on the Nanaimo Museum Board, Past Chair of Nanaimo Port Authority, former Federal Government Appointee to the Nanaimo Harbour Commission, Chair of the "Support YCD Committee" (a group supporting the Nanaimo Airport runway improvements), Chair of the Community Policing Advisory Board, and a former member of several service clubs such as Rotary and Jaycees, and the Nanaimo Flying Club.
"Both my volunteer and business commitment to the Nanaimo community have been a longstanding focus in my life."
"My intension is to provide a fresh new approach to leadership within City Council by creating a consensus in both business and community," concluded Ruttan.


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