Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Prime Minister's office spokesman says it is clear
the opposition wants to force an election.

Dion says he will not give the Conservatives
a blank cheque to govern, says election a certainty.


It seems obvious we will be facing a Federal election in the not too distant future. The rumblings coming out of Ottawa the past week or so make it pretty obvious as all political leaders jockey for position to gain favour with the electorate.

The Conservatives say they are being forced to call an election so as not to look like they are not keeping their earlier commitment of a fixed election date.

The Liberals say the Conservatives should continue to govern but will simply not give Harper a blank cheque to do as he pleases.

Whatever the back room policy makers and strategists have concluded it looks like the PM thinks now is a good time for the Canadian people to give him a mandate for another term.

At least we won't have to be heading to the polls during a blizzard this time. Those winter elections in Canada are not popular with anyone.


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