Wednesday, October 08, 2008



ICBC has launched a new campaign to help drivers save money, protect the environment and be smarter on the road.

“Driving smart is about changing how we drive to save money on gas and reduce our vehicle carbon emissions,” said Jeff Schulz, vice president of Strategic Marketing. “These smart driving habits have an added benefit of being safer driving habits. We’re asking motorists to examine the impact of their driving habits and learn how to avoid being ‘dirty drivers’.”

ICBC encourages motorists to visit a new website,, which offers interactive information and resources for saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This campaign has a humorous approach that features fictional characters, confessing their dirty driving habits. Drivers can view these “dirty driver” video confessions on the site’s interactive bulletin board.

“Driving smart means making the right driving decisions,” said Nicolas Jimenez, director of Road Safety. “Planning your route, allowing enough time, reducing your speed, and not accelerating and then braking hard are examples of green driving that also help improve safety.”

The website offers a fuel costs and emissions calculator to assist drivers in understanding the financial and environmental impact of their driving habits. The site also has links to additional resources on how to save money on gas, reduce carbon emissions and drive safely.

An e-mail-a-friend function allows visitors to share their favourite video clips or challenge someone to take a smart driving quiz.

Visitors can sign up for e-mail updates that include new tips, videos, quizzes and contests.

To visit the new website you can use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


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