Friday, October 31, 2008


Larry Iwaskow

“Common sense, Courtesy and Respect; that is how I stand on all issues. That is what I bring to civic politics in Nanaimo

I have lived in Nanaimo since 1967. I am currently working on the new Malaspina Hotel development on the waterfront. I have worked as a care attendant and union glazier/ First Aid attendant in Nanaimo for 30 years. I reside on Protection Island with my wife and two children.

My community activity in Nanaimo goes back to 1968 with the “City Plan”. I have been a member of the Lions Club; Traffic Safety, Plan Nanaimo, and Newcastle Island Steering Committees; Nanaimo Fire Rescue and Nanaimo Volunteer Firefighter Association, and Protection Island Ratepayers Association.

I am opposed to the NNC deal as it stands. Plan Nanaimo is a great plan, chapter 5 “Ongoing Neighbourhood Planning” leaves many options open. High-rises on the waterfront are not part of this plan.

My knowledge and understanding of Nanaimo comes from my experiences as a working family man. I love Nanaimo. What I have to offer as Mayor is a breath of fresh air at City Hall. I offer you straight talk, common sense, and a commitment to responsible financial behaviour, based on a practical knowledge of Nanaimo. I know how to listen. I know how to learn. I want something better for Nanaimo, and together we can make it happen.

My Views on the Issues of the 2008 Nanaimo Civic Election

Plan Nanaimo-As a member of Plan Nanaimo Steering Committee, my reservations have proven true (i.e. 3rd street connector). Plan Nanaimo is not a blanket re-zone of Nanaimo. The Plan is a base identifying probabilities and possibilities within the City of Nanaimo and responding to those affected. Most changes to current zoning are non-essential and market driven. Plan Nanaimo goals include pedestrian safety, cycle safety, street quieting, green spaces, public walks, walkable services, mixed uses and moving the dump.

Garbage Pickup and Disposal- Garbage pick-up and disposal methods-loaded question! Present locations of dumpsites (the Nanaimo River estuary/somewhere on the mainland) are totally irresponsible. The solutions are: SEPARATE IT! Reduce, recycle, reuse, store, transport regionally by rail, spur to new sites. After observing the Japanese garbage pickup system in a residential neighborhood I believe there is a potential to adopt their system within the City of Nanaimo.

Parking in Downtown Nanaimo- The Perfect Parking Plan (P.P.P)! All streets parking one-hour maximum in the commercial core and the meters should be removed. Commissioners at exits equipped with washrooms and phones should man Gordon Street and/or Bastion Street parkades. Fees in these lots are 1st hour free and .50 cents an hour thereafter. A Perfect Parking Pass at $30-50 per month for city lots. City parking bylaw enforcement should revert to our Ambassadors to the World, the “Commissioners.”

Big Box Stores- As Nanaimo expands, current zoned property could be tolerated. I find them an eyesore (Big Box Stores) and some design could go a long way! I would rather support my local Co-op, Home Hardware and local small businesses.

Gambling Revenue- Use gambling revenue to complete the seawall from Duke Point to Lantzville. Promote a seawall trail from Victoria to Comox. Help create the East Coast Trail, a world class destination.

Leaky Condos- Buyers Beware. Building Inspectors for the City inspect for minimum requirements only. Developers, architects, designers, draftsmen and engineers design…some are better then others. There are many well-designed, beautiful condo projects of excellent quality, paying taxes and providing their owners joy.

Sewage-Sewage requires secondary and tertiary treatment.

On Transit- 15 minute service to main links on the core high density routes is possible.

On Affordable Housing- 15% of all up zonings to be designated for affordable housing; reduce minimum footage on single family dwellings.

On Homelessness- What do you do? I propose housing funded by private and provincial funds. In lieu of and as a temporary measure, utilize empty buildings from all levels of government. The mentally and physically disabled should be financially supported by provincial and federal agencies.

With Respect- Larry Iwaskow

Please Vote . . . . . November 15, 2008

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