Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Signs for some of the hopefuls in the upcoming Nanaimo Municipal elections have popped up like mushrooms at the high volume intersections such as these seen at Hammond Bay and Departure Bay Rd.

Modern technology has made it possible to not only see the name of some of the candidates but what they look like as well.

Have you ever wondered where the money comes from for all those fancy signs? Do the candidates dig into their own pockets so they may serve the community? Are there special interest groups in the 'back rooms' who dig into their pockets to elect their candidate so that they may craft the future of Nanaimo? Or do I just have too vivid an imagination?

Municipal elections are just as important as Provincial and Federal elections, and perhaps even more so as the decisions made by your elected Mayor and council will have a direct effect on you and your community. So take the time to find out what the issues facing Nanaimo really are and what the different candidates stand for and whether they seem to have the experience to really spend your hard earned tax dollar.

Stay tuned to this blog for ongoing information about the upcoming Nanaimo municipal election as I hope to publish information from each of the candidates to help you make an informed choice.

Democracy only works when everyone takes the time to get involved and make their opinion known come election day. If you don't take the time to participate, you have no right to complain when your taxes go up and you have no idea what they are being spend on.

Get to know the candidates and where they stand on the issues facing Nanaimo in the coming years.

For a list of the candidates for Mayor and Council use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


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