Monday, October 13, 2008

Only you can stop the carbon tax
October 10, 2008

Mr. Dion says nothing will stop him from imposing a risky new tax

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today said that a new carbon tax would hurt jobs and damage Canada’s economy.

“The Opposition will increase taxes and experiment with a risky, new carbon tax, which will raise prices, undermine investments and kill jobs,” the Prime Minister said. “Canadians have to look carefully at their choices. We need to keep taxes down. Not raise them. We need to keep prices stable. Not increase them. We need to keep budgets balanced. Not go into deficit. We need to keep on a long-term plan. Not panic in the short-term.”

St├ęphane Dion has said that he will impose a carbon tax despite the global economic uncertainty and the fact that it will kill jobs. In contrast to the Opposition’s tax-and-spend approach, Harper said that the Conservative Government has a plan that will help manage the economy during a period of global uncertainty, including:

  • Support for the aerospace, defence and automotive sectors.
  • Investments in the forestry sector to shift towards higher-value products and new markets.
  • Assistance to communities and workers suffering economic challenges.
  • The abolition of tariffs on imported machinery and equipment to help manufacturers.
  • More than $200 billion of personal and corporate tax relief to encourage investment and spending.

“Our plan is good for Canada, good for our economy and good for Canadian families,” said the Prime Minister.


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