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Jim Kipp

Jim Kipp, I am 57 years old, born in Nanaimo, married and with 2 adult children.

As a self-employed building designer, emergency manager, taxpayer, native son, and long time community advocate. I am committed and dedicated to help make Nanaimo an even better place to live. It is with great pride that I offer my services to work with the people, organizations and businesses of Nanaimo as a councillor.

why you chose to run for office in the upcoming election

I have a family that takes pride in community service. Having grown up in this great community with wonderful role models, I feel a responsibility to get involved. I started my volunteering, service and advocacy in my 20’s and have served in public office but think of myself as a community activist.

what life experiences would you bring to the office if elected

City Councillor (Nanaimo Alderman 1993 to 1996)

J. Kipp Enterprises, Kipp Design and J. Kipp & Associates

January 1978 to Present

Designer and Consultant: custom residential & commercial design, land use planning spatial layout, seismic construction considerations, custom mapping and artwork designs

Emergency Management and Coordination: design, development and the provision of emergency coordination and disaster management services and disaster operations

Clinics, Seminars, Education and Training: designing, marketing, facilitating and implementing educational programs.

Planning, Coordination and Management: assist in the development and delivery of special events, conferences and capital projects.

Recreation and Eco-adventure: design, planning and implementing outdoors and wilderness activities, educational and eco adventures programs for adults, children and at-risk youth.

what are the 5 most important issues facing Nanaimo and how would you address those issues

The Key issues that I have as platform planks are as follows:

Economy – policies supporting fiscally responsible spending, debt control and the development of strong local economy

Environment - policies supporting protection of natural and human environments, green initiatives and true sustainable development

Social Issues - dignity based policy and response to issues of homelessness, addiction, crime and core issues. Working to create a greater sense of pride in our community

Planning - supporting the official community plan, planned growth as well as emergency and food security planning

Communications - gathering and distributing information to and from the community. Policy based on public and stakeholder vision and input.

most rewarding aspect of public service

Seeing positive change in our human and natural environments over the years is a reward. Also knowing that the change has been created by initiatives that I have previously advocated for is truly a good feeling. We can all make a difference.

most challenging or discouraging aspect of public service

Challenging is how fast hot button issues arise and how slow the wheels of democracy seem to turn.

How would you insure the new hotel adjacent the PNC is actually built?

First, there should have been better assurances to complete the project with performance bonds etc.

The dilemma includes:

1. Does the builder have the ability to complete the project? (Other projects are running over budget)

2. The economy is weakened with capital funding at an all time low.

3. How successful will PNC be in securing maximum capacity bookings without an adjacent hotel?

4. Municipal funds and citizens’ budgets are also being tightened in this economic climate.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic wand. I will, however, make informed decisions that include consultation with the public and work to see our downtown core continue to revitalize.

What is the cost to the taxpayer in Nanaimo for the $40 million homeless plan?

I do not have the total Nanaimo contribution and or line items from the budget. Provincial and federal funding from tax revenues contributes to homeless initiatives.

I support the concept and implementation of initiatives like “streets to homes” and They have solid business plans and have been very successful in cities like Toronto. The cost for not addressing the issue of homelessness with dignity and compassion is way higher.

Jim Kipp


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