Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What every parent should know about
the drug Ecstasy

In support of National Drug/Addictions Awareness Week November 17-21, 2008, the RCMP Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Service (DOCAS) is pleased to announce the launch of their ecstasy prevention and education project called Project “E”aware. This project is designed to provide continuous public education on harmful effects of ecstasy with specific focus on young people and their parents.

Ecstasy (or is commonly known on the streets as “E”) is one of many synthetic, chemical-stimulant-type drugs that have an effect on the body resulting in a perceived increase in stimulation, euphoria and pleasant emotions. “E” comes in a colourful pill form, appearing fun and safe targeting youth, with an identifiable logo, for approximately $5.00. Ecstasy is produced by organized crime groups in clandestine laboratories, where there is no quality control and often mixed with several other illicit drugs including methamphetamine, making any amount harmful or fatal, even to first time users.

“Just 92 days ago I knew nothing of this drug world. I should not have waited for this to happen to be aware,” says mother of a 21-year-old Erin Spanevello who recently died after taking ecstasy.

Stimulant type drugs hijack the rewards centre of the brain. Even with occasional use, users may become addicted psychologically and may experience its related negative effects linked to depression and suicide or behaving in risk-taking behaviours that they would not normally do if they were not under the influence of “E.”

“There is really no safe amount of ecstasy or methamphetamine one can take,” says Dr.Walter Martz, Forsensic Toxicologist and Scientific Director of the Provincial Toxicology Centre in Vancouver.

The Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Service is coordinated by specially trained RCMP members. In BC, the RCMP DOCAS is committed, through partnerships, to making communities safer and healthier by reducing substance abuse and its related problems. For information on DOCAS, ecstasy or other illicit drugs please click here.


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