Monday, November 17, 2008



A resident of Nanaimo since 1967 where he was educated at Woodlands Jr. Secondary, Nanaimo District Secondary and Malaspina University. Also earned degrees at University of Victoria. Gary began his own law practice in 1984 which was the same year he took a seat as a Councillor (Alderman) on Nanaimo City Council where he served as Councillor until 1993 when he was first elected as Mayor of Nanaimo. Gary has served in that capacity for five terms now with the past two being particularly difficult as he led the push for downtown revitalization with the Port of Nanaimo Center being the cornerstone of that revitalization. A project which Gary felt was never properly supported by the Federal government.

Twenty four years is a long time to devote to serving your community and for that, Gary has earned a sincere 'Thank You' from the citizens of Nanaimo. I am sure the office of Mayor comes with a lot more 'down side' than any sitting Mayor would admit and we should thank Gary and anyone who allows themselves to deal with the slings and arrows that come with the territory for steering our City.

Take a month off and go someplace warm've earned it!


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