Friday, November 28, 2008

Wal Mart Worker Killed By Mad Shoppers

Crowd Surge Knocks Door Off Hinges Wal Mart Employee Trampled by Crowd

If this was the first of April you would be forgiven for thinking this is a sick joke. However, it is sick but it is no joke.

Bargain crazed shoppers in New York's Long Island broke down the stores front door and knocked the employee to the floor. The employee was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead at 6:03 AM.

A crowd of about 2,000 had gathered outside the store for the 5:00 am opening. Employees had opened the interior doors and were preparing to open the main entrance doors, when the crowd surged and knocked the doors off their hinges.

The history of the term 'Black Friday' has several origins, the most current being the time of year when bargain crazed shoppers put companies into the black with their frenzied spending.
Perhaps from today on, the day will take on a whole new, and darker meaning.


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