Friday, December 05, 2008



Police Officers across Vancouver Island will be delivering a blunt message this holiday season. If you choose to drive while excuse will be accepted! This same message will be delivered across the province, in partnership with ICBC, during this year’s holiday season CounterAttack program. When you drive impaired, you risk vehicle impoundments, towing and storage charges, licence suspensions, driving prohibitions, legal costs, fines, a criminal record, damaged vehicles and most importantly, personal injury or death.

In 2005 on Vancouver Island, there were 1030 alcohol related crashes, which injured 690 and killed 21 people. So far this year, on Vancouver Island, 19 people have died as a result of alcohol related crashes. These preventable deaths were the direct result of a driver’s choice to drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Impairment starts with the first drink, and we are all safer if we separate the task of driving, from the act of drinking. Before you start drinking, make a safe plan to get home...take a taxi, public transit, use a designated driver, call a friend or walk. Many communities have volunteer groups who, with the assistance of ICBC, deliver Operation Red Nose programs, where safe rides home are offered. It is also important to remind passengers to NEVER get into a vehicle with a driver who is impaired. It may be the last choice you make!

The motoring public can expect to see us in some familiar places, and some unexpected spots too. We will be relentless in our search for impaired motorists this holiday season. We believe that all citizens deserve safe streets and highways. It’s the goal of Road Safety Vision 2010, and our commitment to the motorists of Vancouver Island.


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