Saturday, December 06, 2008

Nanaimo Casino Expansion Put on Hold

Plans to Double the Size
of Nanaimo Casino Delayed

The $50 million plan which would have doubled the size of the existing casino in downtown Nanaimo is a victim of the current economic crisis.

The Great Canadian Casino Company has shelved all expansion plans of any of their 17 BC Casinos until at least 2010.

Proving that the current financial turmoil is not limited to Wall Street or 'someplace else' this announcement shows how the current conditions are being felt right here in downtown Nanaimo.

With all the action on the stock market these days, people are probably getting about as much gaming excitement as they can stand.

The progress, or lack thereof of the downtown hotel may or may not also be a factor in the decision to suspend expansion plans for the time being.

I hope governments of all levels are listening and are not planning ever grander ways of spending tax dollars they don't have.


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