Friday, December 05, 2008

Two Nanaimo Teachers Opposed to Helping Kids in Poor Countries File Grievance with Union

The Grinch is
Reported Working in

the Nanaimo School System

It makes you wonder if the nonsense will ever stop, or if the whole world has gone mad all at once!

The latest absurd news to grace the pages of the local press is the report that because two teachers at Woodlands School oppose the work of Samaritans Purse, the NDTA is filing a grievance with the School Board.

It seems not to matter that 26 teachers favoured the program and in fact it is a good lesson in not being selfish and actually doing something constructive for far less fortunate kids in other countries.

Seems the Grinchs working in Woodlands (with their comfy salaries etc) don't like the idea of kids helping send a small gift to kids whose idea of abundance, is a meal tonight.

It is presumed these same teachers would be opposed to the kids getting involved with a food drive to help the Salvation Army this year.

Hopefully the School Board will demonstrate there is actually some common sense left amongst elected officials and they will not follow the example of Ottawa this past week.


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