Monday, July 22, 2013

All Hail King Kenning??

It Seems Mr. Kennings 'Opinion' Trumps Councils' Wishes 

Follows is a paragraph taken from a letter from Mr. Al Kenning (retiring city manager) to Ms Gordon who to facilitate the process which would have looked at alternatives to removing the Colliery Dams this year.
"This is a very serious life safety issue. The inundation study clearly identifies the extreme danger to downstream residents. When Council made the decision to delay awarding the deconstruction tender for 30 days, when they knew (or ought to have known) that this would take away the opportunity to remove both dams this year, it is my opinion that this increased the risk of liability being assigned to the city in the event of a failure. In my view this could be catastrophic for the community. I believe the magnitude of the damages could far exceed the ability of the city’s insurers and the local taxpayers to pay. In addition the loss of life would be devastating beyond any financial measure."
Clearly Mr. Kenning is not in agreement with the council decision of July 8 and is of the opinion a 30 day delay would not allow for the dams to be removed this year. It is not clear if this is just Mr. Kennings' opinion as it is not qualified as anything else. He then goes on to say the delay would increase the risk of liability being assigned to the city in the event of a failure. He then says in his view (notice not the 'professionals") this could be catastrophic for the community. He believes (again his opinion) the magnitude of the damages could exceed the ability of the insurance company or the taxpayers to pay. The loss of life would be devastating beyond any financial measure.
What Mr.Kenning seems to avoid addressing is how much city-wide devastation would occur should this disaster actually strike the Colliery Dams.
The fact that Mr. Kenning seems to believe that his opinion, somehow gives him the authority to defy a city council directive is the most disturbing action witnessed from city hall so far in what can be referred to  as the Dam Debacle. Whether he is responsible or 'just following orders' it would seem that Mr. Hickey has also taken it upon himself to defy the city council motion which was to explore all options to the removal of the Colliery dams.
 After years of watching Mayor Ruttans' councils in action (or should I say inaction) I am of the opinion that city staff never have had respect for the opinion of city council, who seem only to exist to deflect responsibility away from city staff, who actually call the shots.
It is only this recent example of outright defiance of a city council motion, that makes it clear for all to see just what those unelected officials think of the elected officials authority.  


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  1. By all appearances I do believe what you say to be correct. Apparently we've all been asleep while Nanaimo regressed to feudal times where decisions are made by a single entity whose judgements are NEVER to be questioned.


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