Thursday, July 04, 2013

City Pressing Ahead With Colliery Dam Removal

Recommending Granting Tender At July 8 Council Meeting

You have to wonder just how City Council is expected to consider matters before giving their considered opinion. For example the agenda for the July 8th Council meeting is published on July 4 giving Councilors a very short amount of time to consider a 186 page document.

On top of that there is a single line item 'Award of Colliery Dams Removal Tender' item 10. (c) on the agenda. This items states:

[Note: As the tender for the award of the Colliery Dams Removal does not close until after distribution of the agenda, the report will be distributed separately once available. Also a Colliery Dams Project update will be circulated.]

Questions Needing Answering

Items for council consideration need to be given enough time for council members to exercise due diligence before making such important decisions. Not having the information included with the regular agenda seems improper.

Given that all people affected by the replacement of these dams have until July 15 to file their objections with the Water Comptroller in Victoria, and DFO has not issued permits to replace the dams, and that First Nations concerns have not been dealt with, why would we consider awarding a $2 - $3 million tender for a project that could still not go through?

This whole process starting in 2010 to date, has been one questionable decision after another and to recommend granting a tender for a project that may not proceed seems to be the cherry on top.


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