Thursday, July 04, 2013

Mayor Ruttan Electronic Town Hall Mar. 26, 2013

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A Simple Question Reveals Much About This Council

At the electronic town hall meeting I posed the simple question of members of council to give an example of one way they were considering reducing property taxes.

Remember there was about 30 minutes left in this meeting and the Mayor and the moderator used a shortage of time to avoid offering any answer to a very basic question.

Councillor Anderson took a stab at the question, and what he said reveals something of his thought processes.

Remember at this point this council had this $851,000,000 financial plan in their hands for over three months, and apparently they had not given any serious thought to how taxes might be controlled.

The following video is a clip from my presentation to this same council offering several ways the budget increase could have been greatly reduced, or in fact eliminated entirely.

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