Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nanaimo Noon Hour Cannon Firing

Cannon Firing Every Day at Noon

A long standing Nanaimo tradition is the noon hour firing of the cannon in Pioneer Plaza next to the historic Bastion.

The cannons were originally installed in the Bastion as a means of defending the harbour, capable of propelling a 6 lb. cannon ball over to Protection Island. The cannons were never actually needed to defend Nanaimo and were never fired for that purpose.

Local piper Bill Poppy keeps the tradition alive by faithfully attending at the cannon at noon, filling the air with the distinctive sounds of his bagpipe and shattering the calm precisely at noon as the cannon fires a styrofoam plug (rather than a 6 Lb. cannon ball).

If you haven't checked out the cannon firing in awhile, or a looking for a reason to take your guests downtown, this is an excellent reason to attend. While there, be sure to check out the restored Bastion next to the cannons.


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