Thursday, July 25, 2013

Plumbing Rough-in For Our New Outhouse

Private Contractors Rough-In Toilet

The other day while downtown I saw two different companies working on preparing the rough-in plumbing for our new $120,000, single hole outhouse, as I like to call it.

It is located on Wharf Street right by Diana Krall Plaza which I presume was the least costly spot to provide sewer, water and hydro hook-up for the spiffy new biffy your tax dollars purchased.

Your city council seems to think the only way to keep those late night bar filled bladders from being emptied in merchants doorways was to spring for this high priced outhouse.

Wanna bet, in a year or so this one will be declared so successful city council will spring for two or three more spotted around town.

Just another of those "only in Nanaimo" moments.



  1. Well at least we now have that major tourist attraction.

  2. This is going to be such a terrible thing to look at, right in the Diana Krall plaza, no less. I think it would have been better served to simply have porta-potties in the back section of the plaza, by the big screen of no use. This permanent structure is not something I think any resident cares to see nor do the businesses (who already have bathrooms for their patrons). I love Nanaimo but I think I am not that specific. I love the island. And the idea of moving from Nanaimo to another part of the island intrigues me, especially when my high tax dollars go to projects like this (Lantzville is about 1/3 the cost in property tax and I can use the same amenities as I do today...)


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