Thursday, July 25, 2013

Popular Summertime Spot In Nanaimo

Westwood Lake Under Sunny Skies

A popular spot with Nanaimo residents wanting to beat the summer heat, or just enjoy it, is Westwood Lake.

It is one of the only, if not only, public swimming spots still employing lifeguards, as this picture clearly shows. The two white colored umbrellas are the lifeguard stations at the beach.

A resident population of Canada geese can bring some of there inherent problems, like having to watch where you step, and as the water warms up coliform counts sometimes becomes an issue. A small price to pay for sharing our delightful great outdoors, with the residents of the great outdoors.

VIHA monitors the water quality at popular swimming beaches and will post the area if bacteria levels warrant. You can check the current status by checking the Beach Reports by clicking here.


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