Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SFN Challenges School District 68 Plans

Cedar Schools 
Plan Challenged

The Snuneymuxw First Nation is taking steps to challenge the plans of School District 68 to close Cedar Secondary School, and consolidate elementary schools. The School District made these decisions without meaningfully engaging and working with Snuneymuxw.

"It is very unfortunate the School District ploughed ahead in this manner, without taking the time to work with us to find a collaborative pathway," said Chief Douglas White III of the Snuneymuxw First Nation. "Basic issues of access to education of our Snuneymuxw students is a front and centre matter for us. The obstacles Aboriginal children face in the education system are serious and profound. For the School District to make decisions in this way that impact our children is seriously concerning," he added.

Snuneymuxw was not notified of the School District's plans until April 26 when the School District announced that it had approved the plan in principle, and was beginning a 60 period of public "consultation". Snuneymuxw specifically asked the School District not to make its decision on June 26 - and to engage meaningfully - but the School District pushed ahead. "We will be looking at all avenues to challenge the School District's decision. The path they have charted is simply not one that is in the best interests of our children," said Chief White.
Snuneymuxw will be working in collaboration with Save Cedar Schools, a coalition that has been formed by local citizens who object to the School District's decision.


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