Tuesday, July 09, 2013

What Colliery Dams Is All About

While at Colliery Dam Parks this past weekend I snapped this picture which shows two couples just enjoying the tranquil view presented by the lake on the lower dam.

As I approached, the lady asked me: "what do you think about all this?". I gave her my opinion and she said she has yet to talk with anyone who thinks what the city wants to do is a good idea.

During our conversation I learned the lady was a native daughter and used to take the long-cut home from school as it took her through the Colliery Dam Park. For forty years she and her husband lived on nearby Dogwood Rd. and the park and it's lakes have always just been a very enjoyable part of their life.

They have now sold the 'too big' family home and live in a smaller home in a gated north end community but felt compelled to come and enjoy their park, for what could have been the very last time.

They mused, as many have 'that if an earthquake of such size should destroy the dam, there is likely going to be little left of Nanaimo' meaning the dam will be the least of our problems.

This older couple seem to possess something sadly lacking these days at city hall, and that is just some good old fashioned common sense.


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