Saturday, August 03, 2013

$120,000 Toilet Score

One Friday Night In Nanaimo - ONE
$120,000 Toilet - ZERO

It seems that one Friday night in Nanaimo is more than our nice spiffy biffy is up to as the above photos indicate.

At noon on Sat. while downtown I went by to see our shiny new investment, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a city employee with trusty plunger in hand leaving our nice new loo.

The sign on the door written in pen does say Closed Out of Order.

Before locking and closing the door, the city employee had to see if someone knew where the key was for the locking door, as he didn't want to lock it and be unable to open it.

The shiny new facility already looks as if someone was trying to pry the door open, so how long before it becomes a constant source of maintenance, one can only wonder.

Speaking of maintenance, I wonder how much the DNBIA is contributing to the ongoing, unknown cost to maintain this problem solving device.


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  1. They maybe don't look as pretty, but those Johnnie on the Spot, portable toilets never seemed to be out of service because they were plugged. Wonder what the real cost of service is going to be for this unit? Wonder if city hall will ever tell us, or if this will be classed as a 'land' deal and be only discussed in-camera??


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