Sunday, August 04, 2013

Old Theatre On Chapel Street Demolished

No Longer A Public Safety Hazard

The old building that once housed a cinema on Chapel Street, and in more recent years a church is a mere pile of rubble waiting to now be hauled away.

The contract to demolish the old building went to Milner Contracting for a tendered price of $231,231 even though Saywell Contracting also submitted a tender for $181,111 but apparently lost the bid on a technicality about the bid bond.

Saywell was under the impression that a certified cheque would have satisfied the performance bond, when in fact the tender called for a bid bond.

In any case $231,131.00 seems like a pretty lucrative contract given how long it would take a large machine to flatten this type of structure and haul it away in trucks.


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  1. Submitted by Janet Irvine:
    Interesting how the considerable demolition cost was covered by the taxpayers. Understand from a recent report in the Nanaimo Daily News, that the owner, Loft Ministries,apparently, had an interested buyer. According to BC Assessment, the assessed value of 91 Chapel St. as at July 1, 2012 was $793,000.

    In the interests of public safety, couldn't the City have simply erected the appropriate signage on this private property, instead of using taxpayer resources to arrange and pay for demolition of the building?


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