Thursday, August 15, 2013

VIEX 2013 August 16, 17 & 18

Attractions At Vancouver Island Exhibition 2013
Click HERE

General Fair Admissions 2013

Children 6 and under are FREE,  ages 7 - 12 $4.00, Youth 13 - 18 $8.00, Adults 19 - 64 $11.00, Seniors 65+ $4.00 on Friday and $7.00 Sat. & Sun. Three day passes $22.00.


Price of all day ride wristbands with Shooting Star Amusements for 2013 are $35 including GST (not included in general admission price). To view midway rides click here.

Entertainment Line-Up 2013

Use this Nanaimo Info LINK to view this year's line-up of entertainers.



  1. $35 is far to much for a day pass when there is only 9 teen/adult rides. That's as much as playland and there are way more ,way better rides.

  2. yes, but we don't have to pay 120.00 for the ferry boat to ride them.
    Buy one, have some fun, support a carny today.

  3. What an awful website. VIEX needs a new web designer. I can't even find the hours. The schedule is blank.


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