Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Wall Street Sidewalk Widening

Milner Contracting Widening Wall Street Sidewalk

If you have used Wall Street to come from Comox Road through to Townsite Rd. you will be aware of the one way traffic in effect during this construction.

The contract was to install a retaining wall and widen the sidewalk on the approach to Caledonia Park. This contract was awarded to Milner with a bid price of $132,135.15 with the only opposing bid submitted by Windley in the amount of $164,838.67. There were no other bids on the job.

Milner you may recall was also successful with the bid to remove the old building on Chapel Street even though their bid was about $50,000 higher than Saywell who also bid the same job.

A point of interest is the fact that Milner was also the low bid for the removal of the Colliery Park dams with a bid of $3,049,820.55 which was considerably lower than the bid from Windley of $3,843,388.50 which was the only other bid. Four other companies had taken out the tender documents for that work, but did not submit a tender.


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