Thursday, September 05, 2013

A Backyard Visitor of the Raptor Kind

Regular readers of this blog will know that our yard attracts a wide variety of birds all year round, and in fact this year we had several different broods who had clearly hatched very close by.

The other day I happened to look out the kitchen window, and in the feeder on the clothesline there was a pigeon filling his crop which is not all that unusual. However, what was most unusual was what caught my eye on the ground beneath the feeder which was the above pictured hawk, just finishing off his lunch. Judging by the fact there was nothing left of his kill except for a bunch of feathers I'd say he had been there for sometime before I spotted him.

He then went up into the Chestnut tree where he sat long enough to grab a few photos before quickly taking off perhaps in search of his dinner.

Fortunately for the rest of the backyard bird population, this fellow is a very infrequent visitor, for when he invites another bird to come to lunch, he is not being hospitable.


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