Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Colliery Dam Society Thanks City for Plan

The Colliery Dam Park Preservation Society would like to thank the City staff and Council for developing a plan which will provide immediate risk mitigation and give the City and other concerned stakeholders time to discuss and develop long term mitigation solutions. We are optimistic that we are on a progressive path towards a constructive plan for preserving the heritage value and social benefits of having these dams in the park for the future.

The short term risk mitigation developed for the dams is a very thorough plan and one that may produce the added bonus of being a template for an emergency plan for the whole city.  As any event that would be of a scale that would cause the dams to fail would also be one that would cause wide spread devastation in the city, creating a city wide emergency preparedness plan would be a sensible move. We are grateful that the people in Harewood will have the benefit of this plan but we think all of Nanaimo residents should also have the same consideration.

As we move forward the Colliery Dam Park Preservation Society is hopeful that common sense and cost effective methods will be pursued, while keeping residents safe from actual and real risks as a priority. As there is new information regarding the status of the dams, which should decrease the consequence rating, common sense would indicate repairing the dams could be a fairly straight forward and cost acceptable option.

The Colliery Dam Park Preservation Society has attempted throughout this process to support the efficient use of tax dollars.  We are hopeful that this will be a goal that we all work towards as we develop a plan for the future of the middle and lower Colliery dams.

Our community has worked tirelessly and without cost to the city to provide research information that would assist City staff and we look forward to combining our resources with those of the City to find solutions. The Colliery Dam Park Preservation Society supports the safe upgrading of the middle and lower Colliery dams in a manner that uses practical methods and is not only mindful of tax dollars spent but also considers other important factors such as the values and needs of other major stakeholders.


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