Wednesday, September 04, 2013

New Construction at Terminal Park

New Three Storey Office Building

Ground breaking is now taking place at Terminal Park on the site of a new 3 storey office building to be occupied by VIHA.

Existing merchants will likely notice a parking crunch as the fenced off area effectively eliminates 80 parking spaces that seemed to be used regularly. If memory serves this new office building will require dedicated parking spaces for VIHA employees.

Considering the loss of parking spaces the new building will occupy, plus the spaces used by VIHA it will likely be the source of some grief for existing merchants in a lot that already seems crowded during the more busy times.

It may be just me, but our city planners seem to think that sooner or later cars are just going to disappear from Nanaimo, and we will all be riding our bikes or taking the 24 hr./daily bus service everywhere we need to go.  They don't seem to include adequate parking in their overall plan.

For example, they are approving the downtown hotel, which is going to cannibalize parking from the convention centre, at a time when everyone downtown seems to be saying parking is one of the biggest challenges downtown merchants are facing.

I predict in a year or so, the Terminal Park merchants will be singing from the same song sheet.


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