Monday, September 09, 2013

Taking A Break

The Missus and I will be taking a break for the next week enjoying the natural beauty and splendor that is Vancouver Island. While Nanaimo does have many redeeming qualities it does not have a corner on the 'awe value' that captures visitors from far and wide who come to our jewel in the Pacific.

Taking off my 'Nanaimo is the Perfect Place' hat made me realize there is much about Vancouver Island, and British Columbia that can be overlooked or taken for granted . When this piece of paradise is only seen as a commodity to be marketed to tourists or retirees its' value is greatly diminished.

I remember first setting eyes upon mountains and  ocean beneath clear blue sky and how awe inspiring it was. Many times I have hurried from here to there on some 'important errand' far too busy to notice the majesty all around. I don't remember the specific important errands, but remember my first view of mountains and ocean!

I intend to untangle my 'thinker' from the world-changing decisions our city council will make this week and hope they won't do too much more damage to Nanaimo.

Assuming I am able to find the occasional wifi connection someplace I will post some of our little excursion on this blog so regular readers may also get a break from the circus that city hall has become in recent years. Most recently the Colliery dams issue seems able to suspend rational thought being replaced by some form of mass hysteria that just defies logic.

The above pictures were taken on the first day of our getaway which saw us go to Port Renfrew and then travel down the West Coast Rd. which eventually brought us back into 'too much civilization'. Something we intend to avoid for the rest of the week.


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