Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Bit Of 'Council Humour'

I snapped this picture the other night at the first council meeting. I wasn't sure whether to caption it with a priest giving his blessing, or a referee giving instructions before a fight.

Those who saw the first motion before council, will know I made the right choice. :^)


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  1. At least McKay let everyone talk. Yoachim and Hong, newbies, along with Bestwick and Kipp made some great points and there was not an Anderson, Greves or a lost person in the centre chair to interrupt.

    Much to my liking, Brennan sat pretty quiet (I'm sure not wanting to upset the newbies too quickly - and see if she can get any under her wing, like the last group of lost soles)

    Nice to see a number of motions either sent packing or back to the drawing board. Would not have had that with the last majority of bobble-headed yes crowd.

    Kevan Shaw


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