Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nanaimo Daily News Sold to Black Press

It is reported in the Times Colonist that the Nanaimo Daily News is one of the papers purchased by Black Press in a deal for Vancouver Island newspapers. The article states that in addition to the Nanaimo Daily News, the Alberni Valley Times and the Cowichan Valley Citizen are also included in the deal which does not include the Victoria Times Colonist.

Black Press is to take operational control of these newspapers on March 2, 2015. When complete this will give Black Press control of all Nanaimo print media as they are also the current owners of the News Bulletin.

It is not said if Black Press will also be publishing the Harbour City Star or if it has purchased the printing facility that produces the Nanaimo Daily News and a number of other publications. Recent changes at the local Daily has fueled some speculation by local news watchers if they will continue to produce a daily publication as the quality and quantity of their content has been slipping lately.

A curious mind might wonder if this purchase wouldn't put Black Press in a position to consolidate the local publications and what is perhaps duplicate printing capacity. It has always been a bit of a mystery how Nanaimo is able to support the many print publications that currently exist.


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