Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sewer Leak At Morningside Repair Complete

Leaking Pipe Successfully Repaired

The source of a leak allowing treated effluent to come to the surface in Morningside Park has been successfully repaired and work is progressing to restore the site to it's pre-excavation stage.

The leak had been caused by a near-perfect storm of events which saw excess storm water combining with regular sewer flow during a period of king tides which created a situation where treated sewage came to the surface and onto the beach at Morningside Park.

After extensive excavation, crews were able to isolate the source of the leak and using steel bands and patching material were able to close off the leak, The damaged area of pipe was then fully encased in concrete. A tracing die was added to the effluent and there were no signs of any leakage in the area of the repair.

Over the coming days the area will be filled back in but it will take several months to restore the Park and adjacent property to it's pre-excavation state.


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