Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bill McKay Makes Colliery Dam Position Crystal Clear

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During the election campaign Bill McKay was asked for this opinion on the Colliery Dams. His position is crystal clear, and on Monday we will have the opportunity to see a politician follow through on what they said to get elected.

Finally, we can put this waste of time issue behind us without wasting one more tax dollar and with any luck perhaps we can recover some of the money we have spent on questionable advice from engineers.



  1. Thanks for this Jim... I look forward to his position as Mayor on Monday. Will you be a delegation on the dams? And if so will this clip be part of your presentation?

  2. I"m happy I remembered his promise without watching the clip first! Brain still works after all. . .

  3. Now he wants to avoid his promise by putting this issue in a town hall meeting. Yeah right that's delivering on a promise that said he would stop the nonsense. Now we are going to see more people with uninformed and policically motivated opinions, and a replay of the last town hall meeting circus with staff filtering and culling questions. So it seems we are going from nonsense to a full blown zoo, He claims that "new information" has forced him to reconsider. Well why can't we duped voters now say we want to reconsider our vote because of new information?

  4. There are a number of election promises we need to monitor .I.i.e. Leadercast investigation


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