Saturday, January 24, 2015

Colliery Dam 'Engineering' Needs Investigation

What Exactly Has $2.5 Million Purchased?
Council Needs To Find Out Before Spending Another Dime!

Once again city staff is putting a recommendation before council after yet another engineering study suggesting we now need to accommodate more water than the current spillway can handle in an event most unlikely to ever happen. It is yet unproven that the concrete dam would fail, even in the event of an over topping.

There are serious questions which need answering about the $2.5 million which has been spent on engineering recommendations that arguably have been made using exaggerated risks, faulty measurements and incomplete and often wrong suppositions. Sudden failure, no rebar, crumbling old concrete, to name a few.

Clearly it is beyond the ability of this Council or the taxpayers of Nanaimo to evaluate what seems to be a large expenditure of tax dollars which has only provided conflicting advice. The process has resulted in findings which simply can not be trusted.

This city council needs to call upon the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia to investigate this whole case and put the whole issue on hold until their findings have been made.

The taxpayers of Nanaimo have spent $2.5 million and only a review by the regulator of this profession can be relied upon given the track record of the engineers the city has engaged.



  1. Any chance we as a city could get a refund for inaccurate, speculative findings in the reports we commissioned now that they are found to be erroneous?

  2. Just moving the Council Date and Time raises a GREAT concern in around the time a BIG issue as this show signs of weakness. It is a common sly tactic to skirt discussions *purposely limit interaction.

  3. IME, APEG is just a voice for engineers & geoscientists, not for the people their members have shafted. Same as BBB.


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