Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Council Approves 2015 Temporary Outdoor Public Art

From Jason Gress Who Created 'The Frame'

The above artwork is described as recycled forklift (bronze) and wood/fiberglass box, 8'x10'x16' to be installed in Maffeo Sutton Park or Diana Krall Plaza.

At the January 19th city council meeting approval was given to proceed with seven different works of art to be installed around Nanaimo in the Temporary Outdoor Public Art program. Each of the seven works will receive an honorarium fee of $4,000 for which the artist will put the work on display for one year. At the end of the year the artist is responsible for removal of the piece, which also could be gifted to or purchased by the city.

The program which started a few years ago has resulted in some memorable and welcome additions to our public spaces. The frame in Maffeo Sutton park is likely one of the best known, most photographed pieces of public art the program has produced. The 'crab' that was near the entrance to the crabbing pier was also a most popular piece with kids of all ages.


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