Monday, January 12, 2015

Council Meetings Schedule To Change

Councillor Kipp's Motion Provides More Time To Prepare

At the January 12/15 Committee of the Whole meeting, city councillor Jim Kipp brought a motion which had unanimous council support.

Pending a staff report the motion would see City Council and Committee of the Whole meetings move from Monday's to Thursday's. The change will allow council and members of the public more time to examine the agenda's before dealing with the business contained in them.

As it currently stands, city councillors receive the meeting agenda's on the Thursday prior to the Monday meeting of council. This means that councillors basically have the weekend to examine the agenda, make inquiries and try and inform themselves properly before conducting the City's business the following Monday.

The new schedule would see the agenda's made available by Friday at 10:00 am for a meeting to be conducted the following Thursday. This will effectively give city council and interested members of the public more time to better prepare to make important decisions.

Too often in the past, councillors have had precious little time to prepare properly with the result that the best decisions have not always been made.


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