Friday, January 02, 2015

Downtown Nanaimo Projects Moving Along

Wellcox property restoration project nearing completion

The area once occupied by Island Pallets is in the final stages of being rehabilitated and made ready for whatever use is being planned for it. The old warehouse has been demolished, its foundations removed, the thousands of pallets were turned into hog fuel and contaminated soil has been removed and replaced. The original budget for this entire project was $500,000+. 

This is the one piece of the Wellcox property the city can actually use, as the rest of the property is still under the control of Seaspan and the ICF.

Newest downtown condo

The new low rise condominium on Chapel Street is starting to climb floor by floor, already hiding Nanaimo's oldest highrise behind it. This is the condo that was advertised as not requiring any strata fees as two units were being left dedicated for rental, with the rental income offsetting strata fees usually paid by condo owners.

This new building is right across the street from the site of the contentious 'Hilton' hotel site which is looking to occupy areas of Georgia Park.

It is interesting to note, that while the name 'Hilton' gets attached to the site, at this point it is just a site owned by a developer who now can build a 35 storey hotel, or a 35 storey condo or a 35 storey???


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