Thursday, January 01, 2015

Nanaimo 2014 Two Top Stories

Black Press - Press Monopoly
New Mayor

As followers of this blog will know, the way city hall has squandered millions of tax dollars is one of my primary focuses. If either of the local 'mainstream' media were doing their job as the fifth estate there would be little reason for this blog, but sadly they seem far too interested in the $10,000/mo. the city spends on advertising to do any serious investigative reporting on city hall.

There was a glimmer of hope when the local daily was being directed by publisher Hugh Nicholson and editor Mark MacDonald, who for a brief moment demonstrated what a local newspaper should be all about. Any regular reader of the Daily will tell you, the change since this duos departure is stark, and obvious. Several of my friends have since cancelled their subscriptions to the Daily for its lack of content.

The state of the local press and the election of our new city council I believe are the two top news stories of 2014. There are many other top news stories from the year, but these two likely will have the biggest impact on Nanaimo going forward.


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