Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nanaimo Taxes Increase 12.8% 2015 - 2019

Draft 2015 - 2019 Financial Plan 12.8% Tax Increase
Plus Water, Sewer, Garbage, RDN, School, Library, Hospital

The January 19th Nanaimo City Council meeting will give council their first glimpse of the proposed 2015 - 2019 Financial Plan which in it's current form is looking to increase Nanaimo city taxes by a whopping 12.8% over the next five years.

This tax increase does not include increases for water, sewer, garbage, Regional District (RDN).School District, NRGH or the Library.

The example given in the staff report illustrates the impact the increases will have on the average $350,000 home in Nanaimo in the year 2015. The tax increase will amount to $37.40, the water increase will amount to $28.84 and sewer increase will amount to $5.35 with a garbage reduction of $10.75. This will result in a proposed increase of $60.84 or 3.9% combined for 2015.

It should be noted this does not include any increase in school taxes, regional district taxes, hospital taxes or library taxes. The impact of the recently approved 34% increase for tippage at the composting plant is not likely factored into the garbage rates, which likely will not be decreasing by $10.75.

I suspect this is an understated budget and does not likely include the real impact of exempt staff wage increases (yet to be determined) or the impact the firefighter's increase will have when they finally settle their contract.

The average Nanaimo taxpayer will just have to continue to dig a little deeper to keep feeding the juggernaut at city hall.



  1. Exempt staff wage INCREASE? No bloody way! It should be a a net DECREASE.
    Cliff Marcil

  2. You forgot....the extra Business Improvement Area tax for 400 downtown commercial property owners (AND the close to $300,000 in a matching grant the group gets from ALL Nanaimo taxpayers).


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