Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nanaimo User Fees - Taxes By Another Name?

Water & Sewer Rate Increase = 47.4% Of Impact

In the report coming to city council on January 19th in the staff report relating to the 2015 tax increases there is an example showing the impact the increases will have on a typical home assessed at $350,000.

The impact of the 1.8% property tax increase will be $37.40. The impact of the budgeted water rate increase will be $28.84 and the increase sewer rate will be a $5.35 increase. The combined increase of these three items would be $71.59 for the increase in Nanaimo property taxes, water and sewer fee increases. These increases will not include school taxes, regional district taxes, hospital or library taxes which will also be a part of our tax increases this year.

It is interesting to note that there is this 'game' played which says that somehow user fees are not taxes. To that I say 'baloney' they are taxes just by another name and the water rate increase will have nearly as large an impact on our pocket books as the tax increase.

Of the total impact on a $350,000 home 52% of the impact comes from taxes, 40% comes from water increases and 7.4% comes from sewer increases. By the way, those water and sewer impacts are not seen on the tax bill you get later this year, they show up on the user fees bill you will get every four months over the year.

Just another example of extracting as many feathers from the goose as possible with the least amount of hissing.


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