Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Prawn Closures In Nanaimo Waters

Prawn Closures January 1 - March 31

Area prawn fishermen should be aware of a temporary closure in Nanaimo waters this year, taking effect from January 1 - March 31.

Some of the areas now closed are Nanaimo 17-12, 17-13, 17-15 and 17-16. There may be other areas affected as well and you are advised to visit the Fisheries and Oceans website to see exactly what areas are affected. To my knowledge this is the first time these areas have been closed and a regular blog reader notified me of the closure. He was met with a fisheries officer at the Brechin boat ramp who gave him a warning and told him the area he had been prawning in was now closed.

The government website could stand some improving with how this information is made available as it requires a fair bit of sleuthing to get the information.

A place to start your quest for information is the Fisheries and Oceans website HERE.


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