Saturday, January 03, 2015

Public Peeing Still An Issue

$120,000 Public Loo Makes No Difference

This is likely one of the most iconic examples of the careless disregard for the public purse demonstrated by our previous city council. In spite of then-Councillor McKays attempts to have a much less costly washroom installed in the Krall Space, city council, led by Councillor Pattje opted for the $120,000 Cadillac version. After all, it was only tax money, and heaven knows that bunch thought there was no limit to it. As I have stated before, that bunch never saw a tax dollar they weren't willing to spend.

Hopefully, our new council will demonstrate their stated concern for holding the line on taxes and over the next four years will be able to reverse the impact of past councils who seemed to exist only to set fire to as many tax dollars as they could. I am forever hopeful, but after the recent adoption of another 6% increase for CUPE employees (to soon be followed by similar management increases) my optimism is tempered with a generous dose of scepticism. I fear the city manager has been portioning out the KoolAid to our new council.

So, after spending $120,000 (plus plumbing repairs etc. etc.) the number of tickets issued for public peeing fell from 261 to 257. Clearly another failed experiment courtesy of your tax and spend council led by Mayor John Ruttan.

When it was first installed I spent a bit of time asking people what they thought about it, and whether they would use it. Of the dozen or so women I have asked, none have said they would use it and in fact many seemed to be quite repulsed by the very idea. Being a guy, I don't think I fully understand the reluctance, as I can use a nearby shrub if absolutely necessary, but must say there is really nothing about it that seems to offer privacy.

The idea that intoxicated bar patrons with near-bursting bladders would scamper up or down the street to the Krall Space and then likely stand in line to relieve themselves seemed like a ludicrous idea from the start.


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