Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thinking Waayy Outside The Box

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Bill Gates Drinks Water That Was Sewage

Take Sewage
Dry It
Extract The Water
Burn The Sludge
Create Steam & Electricity
Produce Potable Water 

Not In NOnaimo you say??


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  1. This is amazing! If the city of Nanaimo used a process like this, they could cut the water and sewage fees, and also make a small profit selling the electricity to HydroBC. This is something to be excited about, however the article is being tainted by the NOnaimo at the end of the article. You may want to consider abandoning the NOnaimo campaign. Nay sayers are everywhere, and drawing attention to them removes attention from the obviously amazing advances in science and technology. We need this kind of forward thinking tech here in Nanaimo. Lets get excited and make it happen!


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