Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Time For A Massive National Building Program

'FREE' Money Available - 
Time For A Major Infrastructure Program?

The Canadian economy is subject to so many external forces (Obama doesn't like pipelines), we don't know what our LNG will ever actually sell for and on and on it goes.

Given that money is nearly 'free' these days (and is if you can print your own), then this humble scribe suggests we go on a major National Infrastructure Building progam and re-build our crumbling municipal infrastructure, our roads and bridges and ports and airports etc.

This could provide all those good paying, productive jobs that would make us the envy of the developed world and leave something of real value for those to follow.


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  1. The problem that some don't understand is that conventional wisdom says cut spending when times are tough. This is an intelligent and practical approach for the individual but simply doesn't correlate to economics on the scale of countries.

    Your suggestion by macro economic standards is exactly what we should do. As anyone who has studied macro economics will tell you, when you are heading for a decline in the economy, known as a downturn in the business cycle, Governments should reduce taxation and invest in infrastructure. This puts more money in the hands of individuals to drive the economy forward. These steps during a recession will dramatically increase the deficit, which is a necessary and important step in moving towards an economic upturn.


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