Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Colliery Dam Saga Finally Comes To An End

Councillor Bill Yoachim Ends Colliery Dam Drama

City employee Toby Seward delivered yet another Colliery Dams update which was recommending spending another $250,000 on design work by Golder Associates. The purpose of this latest recommended spend was to prepare a detailed design and cost estimate for an alternate drainage course/swale to provide a backup spillway for the Colliery Dam. This would be on top of the $2.5 million Nanaimo taxpayers have already spent on what Councillor Kipp described as a boondoggle from the beginning.

Seven delegates addressed council on the Colliery Dams Update, all of whom were opposed to the most recent staff recommendation. Several of the delegates made strong arguments opposing what city staff was recommending outlining many of the deficiencies in the process that have occurred over the past two years.

After considerable discussion Councillor Yoachim put forward a motion which rejected the staff recommendation to spend another $250,000 and while I did not capture the full motion, it effectively puts the Colliery Dam Saga on the back burner finally.

As could be expected, audience members who support the dams gave up a loud cheer when Councillor Yoachim's motion was passed with only Councillor Brennan opposed.


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