Monday, February 16, 2015

Diana Johnstone Receives Highest Civic Honor

Diana Johnstone Presented With Freeman of the City Award

At the Feb.16th City Council meeting there was barely an empty seat in the house, which for a regular council meeting is a most unusual event. The reason for the great turnout had nothing to do with the business of the city being conducted like budgets and such but rather served as testimony to the number of friends made by Diana Johnstone and their desire to honor her.

There had been a celebration for Diana prior to the regular council meeting in the VICC which, judging by the crowd in the Shaw Auditorium included all of Nanaimo's Who's Who. To a standing ovation, Diana went to the front of Shaw Auditorium where Mayor McKay presented her with the Freeman of the City Award, which is the highest honor the city can bestow upon one of it's citizens.

Since moving to Nanaimo in the early 80's Diana has been a vital part of her community which she clearly loves with a passion. The list of the committees and projects she has been involved with was indeed long and most impressive as she clearly sets an example of community involvement we all should heed.

I would concur with the sentiment expressed by many, that there is no one in our midst more deserving of this high award than Diana Johnstone. In truth Nanaimo would be a richer community if more of us followed her lead.

During her acceptance speech she honored her 95 year old mother who still is actively engaged in her community in Duncan. Her mother was in attendance to see her daughter honored by the community to which she has given much.


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